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pdf file 2019 Mosquito Yard Spray Policy Change

Neighborhood mosquito inspections and West Nile virus testing begins each spring. Due to resistance issues in other areas, we have changed our Mosquito Management Plan as follows.

Requests for mosquito problems will be inspected by CCMAD technicians to find out the following:

If a problem is found, the technician may treat where possible and/or will turn the request in to the office to be reassigned to the appropriate department(s).

If we receive several requests from one area, we may send a fog truck out to do a "quick knock-down," without doing any inspections. (Fogging is posted on our Facebook page daily.)

If you are having an event we recommend giving us two weeks' notice to ensure enough time for protocol.

*Note: all service requests are received and reviewed by our office. We will only respond if we need additional information.

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