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Controlling Mosquitoes Around The Home

It is possible to generate large amounts of mosquitoes around the home with small amounts of water. Mosquitoes can have many generations in one year, and in the heat of summer, they can emerge from egg to adult in about a week.

The northern house mosquito, Culex pipiens, is the most common mosquito found around the home and is a primary carrier of West Nile Virus. This mosquito will lay its eggs in any receptacle containing water rich in decomposing organic material such as discarded tires, unwashed bird baths, clogged rain gutters and plastic wading pools allowed to stagnate through disuse. The best way to prevent mosquito production is to remove any objects that hold water from your yard.

A mosquito will not lay eggs in water if it is too clean. Grass clippings, dead leaves, etc. quickly produce a mix that is highly attractive to the female mosquito. Once the water begins to foul, the mosquito will lay eggs in any receptacle containing decaying organic material found on your property.

Avoid Collecting Standing Water

Water Trees, Shrubs, and Lawns Properly

The following schedule is recommended by the University of Idaho in reference to landscape and turf at 1/2 inch of water per irrigation cycle.

April Once every 7 days
May Once every 4 days
June and July Once every 3 days
August Once every 2 days
September Once every 6 days
October Once every 12 days

Over-irrigating can lead to tremendous hatch-offs of mosquitoes that can affect a whole neighborhood. Over-irrigating can also lead to fungal and other plant-related disease or insect problems.

Keep Mosquitoes from Entering Your Home

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