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Events Calendar

Board of Trustees

December 17, 2019

Board of Trustees regular monthly Board Meeting 7:00 PM District Office


Board of Trustees

December 18, 2019

December 18 Special Board Meeting and Executive Meeting at the Law Office of Hamilton Michaelson & Hilty located at 1303 12th Ave Road, Nampa ID. 1:30 PM



Office Closed

December 24, 2019

Office Closed

December 25, 2019

Office Closed

January 1, 2020

Office Closed

January 20, 2020

January Board of Trustees meeting Agenda

January 21, 2020

Board of Trustees Monthly meeting


January 21, 2020

7:00pm at CCMAD District Office


This meeting has been noticed according to the Idaho Code §74-203(4) and (5). The Board of Trustees meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month. The meetings will begin at 7:00 pm at the District office.


1.      Call to order:

2.      Roll call of Board Members:

3.      Secretary or other person appointed to take minutes [Idaho Code § 74-205(1)]:

4.      Agenda Amendments (if any) [Idaho Code §74-204(4)(b) & (c)]:

5.      Public Comment:

Persons wishing to address the Board on items not on the Agenda (limit to 5 minutes per person):


6.      Consent Calendar:

These matters include routine financial and administrative actions. All items on the Consent Calendar will be voted on as a single action without necessary discussion. If the public wishes to discuss an item on the Consent Calendar, please notify the Clerk of the Board prior to the beginning of the meeting or you may speak about the item during Public Comment Period.


a.      Consideration and approval of the Canyon County MAD Board of Trustees meeting minutes for December 17, 2019.


b.      Review of balance sheet and income statements for December 2019.

7.      Old Business:

a.      Election of officers for 2020 [Idaho Code §39-2803]


b.      Consideration of a new bookkeeping service (tabled at November 22, 2019 meeting).


c.      Consideration of security system information (tabled at August meeting).


8.      Director’s Activity Report:

a.      Mosquito Management Plan for 2020

b.      Construction update

9.      Executive Session – [Idaho Code §74-206 (1) (a)] – personnel matters

10.  New Business:

a.      Discussion of hiring Shawn Budke on as a Full-time employee.


b.      Discuss credit card for Adulticide/Inventory Control Manager.


c.      Consideration of District bill paying process and possible modifications.


d.      Consideration of possible new employee benefit


e.      Update on AMCA meeting, Portland OR Mar 16-20, 2020. Possibility of sending 5 employees.


f.       Procurement of two more Ford Rangers by Municipal Lease (Review of BOT minutes from Oct. 16, 2018 and leasing schedule)



11.  Board Discussion:



12.  Action Item(s) for next meeting:



13.  Next meeting date: February 18, 2020 7:00 pm

14.  Adjourn

Special Executive meeting

January 21, 2020

Board of Trustees

 Executive Meeting

(Idaho Code 74-206)

January 21, 2020

3:00 pm



Hamilton, Michaelson & Hilty, LLP

1303 12th Rd.

Nampa, ID 83686





To consider personnel matters.

[Idaho Code 74-206 (1) (a) & (b)]

February Regular Meeting Agenda

February 18, 2020

March Regular BOT Meeting

March 24, 2020

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