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Flood Water Mosquitoes

Flood Water Mosquitoes

Flood Water Mosquitoes and Irrigated Pasture Mosquitoes populations are on the rise. Both of these mosquitoes are ferocious day time biters and hatch off in huge numbers. This huge population spike is the result of heavy irrigation practices especially on agricultural crop lands such as sweetcorn and feed corn, sugar beets, and seed alfalfa, flood irrigated pastures and fields.

You can help reduce invasion on your property by spraying landscape and lawns with products such as Talstar. Bifen T/I or TEMPO which can be purchased at many garden centers, farm supply stores or nurseries.

Board of Trustees News

The Canyon County Board of Trustees will be conducting Annual Budget Hearing on August 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM following a short business meeting.

Other Board Meeting Dates:
. Tuesday Sept. 15 Regular Meeting
. Tuesday Oct. 14 Regular Meeting
. Tuesday Nov. 18 Regular Meeting
. December meeting date, time and location to be determine.

All meetings of the Board of Trustees are held at the District Office located at 9719 Booker Lane, Nampa (off Hwy 45 N. of Lakeshore Drive.

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