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Board of Trustees News

Board Meeting Dates through the rest of year.
. Tuesday Sept. 15 Regular Meeting
. Tuesday Oct. 21 Regular Meeting
. Tuesday Nov. 18 Regular Meeting
. December meeting date, time and location to be determine.

All meetings of the Board of Trustees are held at the District Office located at 9719 Booker Lane, Nampa (off Hwy 45 N. of Lakeshore Drive.)

Flood Water Mosquitoes vs. West Nile Virus Carrier Mosquitoes

Flood Water Mosquitoes and Irrigated Pasture Mosquitoes:
They can be very aggressive even with cooler fall temperatures. Both of these mosquitoes are day time biters and hatch off in huge numbers and overwinter as eggs. The last generations for the year are out now and will bite aggressively before laying overwintering eggs. Note: eggs may be deposited on wet or moist soil become dormant and hatch in the spring following warm rains or flooding.

Culex Mosquito Species (West Nile Virus Carriers):
These species of mosquitoes (2) will overwinter as adult mosquitoes. They are now looking for places to shelter for the winter. The West Nile Virus that the Culex species of mosquitoes carry can also overwinter in the mosquito.

Culex species of mosquitoes only lay their eggs in standing water and need to have a blood meal before the eggs are laid. In the fall, Culex mosquitoes rarely bite because they are not in the egg laying mode, they are in the overwintering survival mode and conserving energy.

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